The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children begin to consult with an orthodontist at age seven. It doesn’t hurt a child to come in earlier than seven, but we may not be able to get a clear picture of what’s happening. Before the age of eight, we have a  window of opportunity to take action and solve a problem orthodontically!

At that first visit, we’ll take a look at your child’s overall facial balance and symmetry, count their teeth, take any X-rays necessary (feel free to bring the latest ones from your dentist!), and get to know each other—especially what dental treatment the child has had, what’s been indicated in the future, and what we can do to prevent future problems.

We recommend checking back in every six months to a year. That will put us in a great place for starting treatment at the moment it’s needed (if it even is!). Every kid has a unique growth and development arc, so we’ll keep an eye on how things are progressing. Also, we don’t charge for these visits!

If a short phase of treatment can significantly reduce the complexity of later treatment or prevent problems from developing, then we’ll consider it warranted.

Some common options include:

• Palate expanders
• Space maintainers
• Braces on a few teeth